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LED Dash Conversions

LED dash conversions for the pre and post facelift cars - this follows on from this section. I primaraly do the conversion on an on an exchange basis - I send you out a converted heater control panel, ODO, Clock, Cigar Bulb Holder, Window switch, Trac & Auto Spoiler switches and direct T5/T10 LED replacement LED Bulbs for Dash Cluster and Ignition Barrel - on receipt, you send me your heater control panel, Cigar Bulb Holder, Window switch, Trac & Auto Spoiler switches. As this is done on an exchange basis, sometime the turn around can be a bit longer as I'll be waititng for parts to be returned, So, an alternative method is that you send me the parts out of your car, and I'll convert them.

Price £POA

Guide on install can be found here

PCB Dash Conversions

An alternative for the lighting in the Dash lights is use of PCB's - this gives a far better spread of light and also allows the mix & match of LED colours.

The dash lights come inn two options, single and dual colour - This allows the driver to switch between two colours. As an adition to the dual colour is the "Red line" control circuit - where at a pre-determined rpm (as its variable) the dash can change colour from the say blue to red.


Single colour - £POA

Dual Colour - £POA

Dual Colour with RPM Limit - £POA

Guide on how to install here - Pre Facelift, Post Facelift

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LED Rear Lights

Following on from this part off www.internetwork.org.uk I offer rear LED lights in two styles, Top Secret (double rings for each light) and FULL LED lights. The lights are provided with brand new facelift lights.


Top Secret (Twin Ring) - £POA

Full Led - £POA

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