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LED Rear Lights

There are many cars on the market which have aftermarket part, exhausts, induction kits, cams, LED rear lights etc... all of these also apply to the Supra except for one - LED rear lights. The Supra (in MKIV Guise) has been around for 16 year and nothing was ever developed as an alternative to the stock rear lights. Toyota did produce a variation on the original light units in 1996 when the Supra had a "facelift". Until Now. Although I should say that Top Secret in Japan did make a one off set for there show car, they were never made available to the public

I was asked by a friend after seeing the pictures of the Top Secret lights if I could make some LED rear lights for the Supra as an "can it be done" type question, so I went and made some. I made the first set in April 2007, the ones on my car are currently the "3rd generation" that I have made. The lights on my car also have the C-West Lights covers on to make every thing look black <-- If your intersted please Email Me! They are road legal. Although not shown in these pictures, a Reflector is mounted within the light units

Below is the build process of the lights, from making the PCB through to the end product.


Made the circuit designs using PCB Software, printed on to transfer paper then ironed onto the copper board

Closr Up

The whole set all cut to shape
One of the PCB's etched

Same PCB with the mask removed

The fiddly bit - 0.6mm Drill Bit!
One PCB done - 210 out of 1300 holes drilled
Resistors soldered onto the solderside
First ring soldered on
second ring..
third ring..
fourth ring..
final four..
Wires soldered on
all eight PCB's done
reverse light "on"
part of the original light units...
...adapted to make PCB's fit
one loom
plugs cut off
extra wire added (red)
all put back together with C-West Light Covers fitted
all (bar brake light) On
all on!
fitted to car, all off
just side lights
side and fog lights
side, fog, and reverse lights
side, fog and indicator lights
side and brake lights
side and indicator lights
side and reverse lights
just side lights
side and fog lights

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