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How To Fit LED Rear Light PCB's

Tools Required

  • Philips Screwdriver - small and big
  • An Oven OR Hot Air Gun
  • Gloves (Ovens do get hot!)
  • Steel Or Plastic Ruler
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire Stipper OR Sharp Knife

Materials Required

  • Black Silicone Sealent OR Black Butyl Tape (6mmx6mm or around that size)
  • Solder
  • Insulation tape
  • Heat shrink

    The Method

Step 1
  • Open the boot and Remove boot trim and the two 10mm bolts (Top and side of light fitting).
  • Prise out the unit gently, which is also held in place by plastic clips that are fairly sturdy.
  • Disconnect the loom
  • Remove 4 light bulbs.

Step 2
  • Unscrew the 3 Phillips screws on the top of unit
Step 3
  • Place the unit in an oven at 80 - 90C for 15 minutes OR Hot Air Gun to soften the glue/sealantToo cold and unit is very hard to separate, too hot and you will end up with banana shaped plastic lens. Best bet, start cold and increase heat gradually until adhesive softens.
  • Keep any eye on the lights at ALL times!

Step 4
  • TRICKY BIT - using a steel or plastic rule prise open the 3 small locators on the bottom of the unit and then prise the edges. Do this pretty quickly before the adhesive cools and stiffens up again. Then placing fingers in unit pull apart slowly but firmly. If plastic starts to curl on the edges the glue is too stiff, so warm up again;

Step 5
  • Remove the 2 phillips screws to release the backing/lenses from light cluster;

Step 6

  • Now the backing have been removed, remove the coloured leneses. You'll need to use a thin bladed screwdriver to pop out the lenses - 3 clips per lense
that should leave you with this...

Step 7

  • On the small flat edge on the inside, put a bead of black silicone sealent OR the butyl tape all the way around as this holds the PCB's in place

Step 8

  • Feed the wires through the where the bulb was and mount the PCB's, so you should end up with this
  • The PCB's are marked as Indicator, Outer Brake/side Inner Brake/side and reverse.
  • The inner brake/side goes next to the reverse and the outer brake/side goes next to the indicator


Step 9

  • Take the looms and remove the bulbs

Step 10

  • Pull the rubber seals off the back of the plugs and slide down the wire
  • Cut the wire as close as possible to the copper connectors as possible
  • Remove the copper contacts

Step 11

  • Strip 5mm of each end of the wires, and tin with solder

On the looms, the coloured wires are:

  1. White/Black - Ground
  2. Green - Side Light
  3. Green/White - Brake Light
  4. Red/Blue - Reverse
  5. Green/Yellow - Indcator

Step 12

  • Place the backing back into the front section of the lights and fit the 4 screws
  • temporarly place the wires inside the backings

Step 13

  • Heat the edges of the two halfs up so that the black mastic is pliable
  • Push the two halfs together firmly
  • fit the 3 screws

Step 14

  • Pull the wire through the holes where the bulb holders go
  • Put the bulb holders back into the cluster, feeding the PCB wires though
  • Solder the wires together in the following order and the put insulation tape or heat shrink over the joins


  • Red wire to Green/Yellow wire
  • Black wire to White/Black wire

Inner & Outer Brake

  • Red wire to Green/White wire
  • Green wire to Green wire
  • Black wire to White/Black wire


  • Red wire to Red/Blue wire
  • Black wire to White/Black wire


Step 15

  • Feed the wires though the black rubber seal so the the join is in the hole for support


Step 16

Re-attach the loom back onto the light - around the clips etc..


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