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Blue Dash Conversion Instructions

The Kit Consists Of:

  • 1 Heater Control Panel
  • 3 Large T10 Bulb Replacement LED's
  • 2 Small T5 Bulb Replacement LED's
  • 2 Blue Filters
  • Cigar Lighter Back Ring bulb holder with LED fitted
  • Drivers Door Window Switch with LED fitted
  • Auto Spoiler Switch with LED fitted (If Fitted))
  • Trac/Slip Control Switch with LED fitted (If Fitted)
  • Heated Seat Switch (If Fitted)

From you, I'd require the following sending back:

  • 1 Heater Control Panel
  • Cigar Lighter Back Ring bulb holder
  • Drivers Door Window Switch
  • Auto Spoiler Switch (If Fitted)
  • Trac/Slip Control Switch (If Fitted)
  • Heated Seat Switch (If Fitted)

Tool Required:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Thin Bladed Flat Screwdriver/Pen Knife
  • Superglue
  • Craft Knife

The Guide has been split into 2 sections

  • Removal Of Dashboard Trim
  • Removal and Fitting of components, one by one (ODO/ Clock/Heater Control Panel/Dash Back Light/ Cigar Lighter Light/Ignition Barrel Light/ Drivers Window Switch/Trac Control/Headed Seat & Auto Spoiler Switch).

So if you know already how to remove the trim, you can jump into Section 2. By Clicking here


Section 1

Removal of Dashboard - Step By Step

Important Notice : If you have an airbag installed on your car make sure you disconnect the battery before you start, if you need to move the car or move the gear shifter then make sure you plug in the very top section - before you switch on the ignition, otherwise the airbag warning light will stay on permanently.

These Pictures as taken from an Auto Supra, the same applies to all Supras


  • Philips Screwdriver
Step 1
    • Remove the cigarette ashtray from the center console. This is just a case of flipping up the lid and then pulling it upwards.
Step 2
  • Starting from behind the ashtray, gently prize up the surround of the automatic gear shifter.
    There are no screws so this is a very easy task
Step 3
  • Lift the surround over the gear shifter and place to one side.
Step 4
  • Remove the 5 screws from the top section and pull out gently.
Step 5
  • Disconnect the 3 plugs, 2 on the left (1 black & 1 white)
  • And 1 from the right (white).

Step 6
  • To the right of the fuel gauge you will need to remove 2 more screws.
Step 7
  • The left hand part of the dashboard (stereo and aircon area, is clipped into the surround just like the gear shifter surround in part 2, so gently pull, starting from the bottom,
    the dash from the surround until it's finally away.

You will probably need to move your gear shifter at this point to get the bottom of the dashboard out far enough to get all the connections behind out.

Step 8
  • You will need to disconnect 4 plugs from this section
    1 x Clock (black), 2 x aircon/heater (orange), 1 x cigarette lighter (clear) - Also any other plugs if you have heated seats, Trac/Slip Control or an Active Spoiler
Step 9
  • To remove the remaining parts of the dashboard remove the right hand panel first in the same way that you removed the left hand section

Section 2

Removal And Fitting By component (Heater Control Panel/Clock/ODO/Dash Back Lights/Cigar Lighter Light/Ignition Barrel Light/Drivers Window Switch/Trac Control & Auto Spoiler Switch) - Step By Step

Heater Control Panel -Removal/Fitting

  • Unscrew the 3 screws - remove from center trim panel.
  • Fitting is the opposite of removal

Clock - Removal

  • Unscrew the 3 screws - remove from center trim panel.

Clock - Fitting

  • Unclip the 4 clips, 2 top, 2 bottom
  • Remove the brown filter
  • Attach the blue filter (I'd advise a dab of glue to keep it in place).
  • When fitting the filter, fit it with the blue film facing you.
  • If you look closely at the blue filter, you will notice 2 notches, these are designed to fit up to the 2 top lugs on the inside of the clock face

If either the ODO or Clock filters will not fit, just carefully trim the sides with a craft knife until there a snug fit.

  • Reassemble the clock
  • Attach to the center trim panel with the 3 screws removed previously

ODO - Removal

  • Unscrew the 3 screws - remove from the top center trim panel.

ODO -Fitting

  • Remove the brown filter
  • Fit the blue filter, you can either glue it in, or just sit in between the ODO and the dash section - when the ODO is reattached the filter will not move.
  • When fitting the filter, fit it with the blue film facing you.

  • Filter attached.
  • Refit the ODO to the dash section with the 3 screws removed previously

Dash Back Lights - Removal

  • Twist and pull out the 4 back lights.

Dash Back Lights - Fitting

  • Remove the bulbs from the holder by pulling them out
  • Take the 3 white cased LED (T10) and fit to the 3 large holders
  • Take 1 blue cased LED (T5) and fit to the smaller holder
  • Refit the green holders back into the cluster unit.

When the cluster unit is fitted and the lights are switched on, if they do not light up, just turn the green holders around 180 degrees as the LED do not have their polarity marked.


Cigar Lighter Bulb -Removal

  • Twist and pull the bulb holder
  • Unclip the bulb holder from the loom

Fitting is the opposite of removal

Ignition Barrel Bulb - Removal

  • Remove the brown clip
  • Twist and pull the bulb holder
  • Take the remaining T5 Blue LED and fit to the holder. If if does not light up turn it around 180 degrees.

Ignition Barrel Bulb - Fitting

  • Fitting is the opposite of removal

Drivers Window Switch - Removal

Step 1

  • Remove the 3 fasteners. There are 2 screws (with caps on) and a black plastic trim fastener
Step 2
  • Remove the 4 screws on the lower edge of the door
Step 3
  • Remove the door release handle trim screw
Step 4
  • Remove the 2 black plastic fasteners.
Step 5
  • Remove the screw - I have seen some cars where this screw has not been fitted, so don't be worried if its not there!
Step 6
  • Remove the single black plastic fastener, located in the lower edge of the door card
Step 7
  • Remove the screw located in the door grab handle - sometimes these screws will have a cap on.


Step 8
  • Unclip the connector from the unit

Step 9

  • Unscrew the 3 screws as shown in the picture and remove the switch unit from the door card

Drivers Window Switch - Fitting

  • Fitting is the opposite of removal

Trac Control/Auto Spoiler/Heated Seat Switches - Removal

  • Use a thin bladed screwdriver, or a pen knife and release the tabs of the switches
  • Pull the switches from the rear and they will slide out

Trac Control/Auto Spoiler/Heated Seat Switches - Fititng

  • Fitting is the opposite of removal
Now that the conversion has been completed - you can now refit the trim panels, which is the reverse of section 1.

Now, at night you dash should look something like this



Of course, for the ultimate in Blue LED Conversion, there is one more that can be converted, how ever, this is a service I cannot offer, unless you bring your car to me as it involves the removal of the door lock. If your willing to give it a go, take a Look Here!


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If you have any problems, please to not hesitate to Email Me! and I will try to resolve the problem!

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