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Fog Light PCB Installation

The Kit Consists Of:

  • 1 or 2 Fog Light PCB's
  • Switch & Wiring if required

Tool Required:

  • 10mm socket/spanner
  • Snips
  • Craft knife
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Insulation Tape

The Guide has been split into 2 sections

  • Removal Of Dashboard Trim & Boot Trim
  • Fitting Of PCB's / Wiring

So if you know already how to remove the trim, you can jump into Section 2.

Although the pictures show pre-facelift dash, the principle is the same.


Section 1

Removal of Dashboard - Step By Step

Important Notice : If you have an airbag installed on your car make sure you disconnect the battery before you start, if you need to move the car or move the gear shifter then make sure you plug in the very top section - before you switch on the ignition, otherwise the airbag warning light will stay on permanently.

Step 1
  • Remove the 5 screws from the top section and pull out gently.
Step 2
  • Disconnect the 3 plugs, 2 on the left (1 black & 1 white)
  • And 1 from the right (white).

Step 3
  • To the right of the fuel gauge you will need to remove the right hand screw in the picture
Step 4
  • To remove the remaining parts of the dashboard remove the center sections, then the left hand panel in the same way that you removed the center section

Step 5

  • Remove the screws as marked from the boot trim

Step 6

  • Pull out the center boot trim panel

Section 2

Fitting of PCB's, Wiring and Switch

Step 7

  • Disconnect the rear light plug

Step 8

  • Remove the two 10mm bolts
  • Carefully pull the lights off the car and pull the loom & grommet thorough the hole.

Step 9

  • Take the Green with White Stripe wire from the inner bulb and remove the insulation tape
  • Snip the wire
  • Strip 5mm of the insulation off the wire

You may find this part a little easier if you remove the loom from the light clusters

Step 10

  • Fit the Fog light PCB as shown
  • Fit the Fog light Switch Wire as shown
  • Wrap the PCB in insulation tape

If you have two of the PCB's, add a wire to the second PCB in the same manner as shown, and connect the other end to the fog light switch wire on the first PCB. You wail see that the diodes have an orientation, this is very important otherwise it will not work

Step 11

  • Feed the wires and loom though the hole
  • Reconnect the main light plug

Step 12

  • Refit the lights and refit the 2 10mm bolts
  • Refit the Boot Trim

Step 13

  • Feed the Fog light Switch Wire down the drivers side of the car up to the right hand side panned as removed in section 1, step 4.

Step 14

  • The fog light wire connects to the middle terminal on the switch

The fog light switch must be an illuminated switch. Its up to you where to fit the switch.

Step 15

  • Connect the ground wire between the gold terminal on the switch and the White with Black Strip wire on the back of the Dimmer/Rheostat loom
  • Connect the Power Supply wire between the remaining terminal and the (INSERT WIRE COLOUR) on through back of the Dimmer/Rheostat loom

Step 16

  • Refit the dash panels
Now, if all done correctly, with the ignition and side lights on, the Fog Lights should come on.
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