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Clear Indicator Lense Mod - Step By Step

Tools Required

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • An Oven
  • Gloves (Ovens do get hot!)
  • Steel Or Plastic Ruler
  • Junior Hacksaw

Parts Required

  • Clear silicone sealant

    The Method

Step 1
  • Open the boot and Remove two 10mm bolts (Top and side of light fitting).
  • Prise out the unit gently, which is also held in place by plastic clips that are fairly sturdy.
  • Remove 4 light bulbs.
Step 2
  • Unscrew the row of tiny Phillips screws on the top of unit
Step 3
  • Place the unit in an oven at 80 - 90C for 15 minutes to soften the glue/sealant; Too cold and unit is very hard to separate, too hot and you will end up with banana shaped plastic lens. Best bet, start cold and increase heat gradually until adhesive softens.

Step 4
  • TRICKY BIT - using a steel or plastic rule prise open the 3 small locators on the bottom of the unit and then prise the edges. Do this pretty quickly before the adhesive cools and stiffens up again. Then placing fingers in unit pull apart slowly but firmly. If plastic starts to curl on the edges the glue is too stiff, so warm up again;

Step 5
  • Remove the 2 phillips screws to release the backing/lenses from light cluster;

Step 6
  • Next tricky bit to pop out orange lens using small screwdriver (best bet is make it a two man job and get help)
Step 7
  • Use a Junior Hacksaw to cut the clips off the back of clear lens and push them in place (be firm but fair); DON'T try push them in straight, but at an angle facing the same direction as the other lens. Some people talk about grinding the edge of the lens down. This is not neccessary and could result in a cracked lens (which we don't want)
Step 8
  • Refit the 2 phillips screws to attach the backing/lenses to the cluster, then back into the oven for 15 minutes
Step 9
  • Push lens and backing together, paying attention to 3 locators on underside of lens
Step 10
  • Replace the tiny Phillips screws while unit is hot as this aids seal
Step 11
  • Once cool, apply loads of silicone sealant (clear acetoxy, smells like vinegar) as its most flexible and durable. Pay particular attention to top corners where lens meets top plastic fender and location points underneath
Step 12
  • Once silicone has cured (leave overnight) screw in bulb holders, (remember to change the indicator bulb for orange-glow one) and refit to car!

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