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How To Cure The Flickering Lights On The Air Con/Heater Control Unit

Background Details

Now as supras are getting on a bit, solder joints seem to be failing. One of the most common places that it fails is the power supply to the air con/heater control unit. Repetitive connecting/disconnecting of the control unit only makes this problem worse.

Tools Required

  • 15W fine soldering Iron & Solder
  • Philips Screw Driver

Step 1

  • Disconnect the Battery!

Step 2

  • Remove all the dash trim. If you don't know how to, look Here
  • Remove the heater controls from the trim, the Control unit is fixed to the center console with 3 screws

Step 3

  • With the control unit removed, remove the 4 screws off the back case
  • Slide off the back when the clips are opened up. 
  • Make sure you remove the screw which passes through the connector PCB otherwise the case will not slide off


Step 4

  • With the back removed - you will be left with this. The Joint which normally fails is highlighted.
  • A quick dab of solder is sufficient enough to cure the dry joint.


Step 5

  • Assembly is the reverse.


If you have any problems, please to not hesitate to Email Me! and I will try to resolve the problem!

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