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How To Change The Dials

Background Details

Most import supras have the KM on the speedo replaced with a sticker saying "MPH" - I decided to change the whole lot so that the dash matched my Defi Gauges

Tools Required

  • 15W fine soldering Iron (optional)
  • Hot Knife (optional)
  • 2 spoons!
  • Memory - you need to know what the idle RPM is
  • GPS Camera detector OR Friend with A Car!


Step 1

  • Disconnect the Battery!

Step 2

  • Remove all the dash trim. If you don't know how, look Here
  • Remove the clock cluster

Step 3

  • With the clocks removed, remove the two (clear and black) trims

Step 4

  • Carefully remove the individual clocks by taking out the screw from the back of the cluster






Step 5

  • With a pair of spoons, carefully "lift" the needles off, they might go with a "crack" but they wont break - with the double gauge (fuel/temp) try not to move the fuel needle, UNLESS you know how much fuel is in the tank

Step 6

  • Now the clocks should look a bit like this

Step 7

  • Carefully pries the dial off, there held down with double sided tape. Once removed, take the soldering iron, or hot knife and carefully remove the needle stop
  • Put the stop into the hole on the replacement dial and melt the plastic so that it stays in.
  • Place the new dial on to the clock.

Step 8

  • Repeat steps 5 - 7 for all the clocks.

Step 9  

  • Put the clock backing to the cluster and it should look similar to this.

Step 10

  • Now's the hard bit. putting the needles back on.
  • The easy one is the fuel gauge, assuming you didn't move the needle during removal - just push it back on
  • Put the cluster back in to the car, as in the picture in step 9, and reconnect
  • Allow the engine to warm up to normal running temp - this will allow you to put two of the needles back on - the water temp (usually sits in the middle of the gauge) and the RPM. Hopefully you have remembered what the idle RPM is (650), place the needle on.
  • The speedo needle is a bit more difficult, If you know what speed you car does in a set gear/rpm. Great, If you have a GPS camera detectors, also good. if you don't, find your self a mate and get them to drive at a set speed and push the needle on at the set speed.

Step 11

  • Remove the cluster, and fit the black and clear trims back on.
  • Refit to car!

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