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Congratulations, either you have stumbled across this page by accident or you came out of choice. If you came here be accident, go here, or here. Still here? Well you must have come here out of choice, well since you made the effort, might as well take a look around. The Site has now been updated to include various User Manuals and the Parts Reference Numbers/Diagrams Index which can be found here.

MKIV Supra Parts Reference & Numbers/Diagrams - New!

LED Rear Light Build Process

How To Fit LED Rear Light PCB's - New!

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What's Here?

Well what you see is what you get. I'm a member of the www.mkivsupra.net club, because I used to drive a Supra. I now drive a Landrover Discovery!. As a day job, I work for this aeronautical company (you may have heard of them).